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Video Production

We have a passion for bringing stories to life in a visual format. Every video we produce is infused with creativity and technical expertise to create the most compelling message imaginable. Our expert editors and videographers weave together beautiful imagery and music for a final creation that will elevate the impact and maximize the reach of your message.

In Las Vegas, Cache Media Works is the leader in video production. We’ve built a strong business with our leading-edge equipment and technical expertise in video production. We are ever-vigilant of the changes afoot in this industry, and we expertly maximize the effectiveness of your offline and online video content. When sharing a unique message really matters, call us.

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Live Event Production

Producing a high-quality live event is a huge enterprise, and can be a perilous proposition for those unfamiliar with the vast raft of details live events entail. From audiovisual equipment, sales strategy, marketing, venue selection, talent acquisition, cohesive show branding, to any other need that arises, we provide a technically savvy and creative turnkey solution.

Producing live events can be an expensive proposition, and there typically is not a lot of margin for error. Here more than anywhere, nothing is more expensive than hiring an amateur. Cache Media Works has been in the digital trenches of live event production for years, and we can anticipate potential problems and expenses before they arise. Cache Media Works doesn’t just produce shows: we create unique experiences that will resonate with your audience for years to come.

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Live Streaming

Never before has it been so simple to take your message global and drive revenue worldwide. Cache Media Works has been helping companies live-stream events for many years. Whether you want a standalone live-stream solution, or one that works hand-in-hand with your live event, Cache Media Works provides a complete solution to guide you through the strategy and tactics needed to stream your show through various channels, particularly through social media.

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The phrase “building a brand” has become a little bit cliché over recent years. And yet, the significant of having a remarkable brand has never been more important.

How do you want to be perceived? Like most people, you may not have any idea where to even start with building a strong brand, and this lack of clarity can be costing you a fortune. At Cache Media Works, we help you clarify your message to capture your reality and engage both your customers and your prospects. We will help you emerge with a brand that goes beyond just a logo, color scheme, or tagline, to create a feeling, emotion, and experience that will capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

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If you are looking to do something you would be crazy to not get a bid from Cache Media Works. They are really good at producing high quality events, video, branding and graphics.
Eric Worre:
These guys are fun and they operate from the heart.
Arna Johnson and Geralyn Camarillo:
Cache Media Works managed the event flawlessly and that allowed us to focus on the content of our show and deliver better value to our customers. I couldn’t more highly recommend Cache Media Works.
Randy Schrum:

Brand Management

Creating a brand is one thing. Managing and deploying a brand is an entirely different animal. Cache Media Works has deep experience in creating and managing brands, both online and offline. Our services include brand guides, SEO, written blogs, social media management, vlogs, value ladder creation, and much more. Cache Media Works is skilled in the nuances of internet marketing, email marketing, squeeze pages, list-building, and online product sales. We will help you focus on your core message while consistently deploying your brand to your customers and prospects.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy we employ to help you get leads, sales, and clients. We use many tools to accomplish this, including InfusionSoft, ClickFunnels, Aweber, Mail Chimp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

We stay connected to make sure you have the most recent, state-of-the-art digital strategies applicable to your market, your customers, and your products.

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