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One of the prime examples of Cache Media Works ability to adapt, improvise and overcome challenges and obstacles for their clients is a recent Live Streaming assignment for Juice Plus, a highly successful and well known company with an impressive reputation in their industry.  http://www.juiceplus.com

Juice Plus had attempted Live Streaming at a number of their events several times over the years and each time they were unsuccessful in meeting the obligations of their viewers.  They were determined never to try it again.  That is until they were introduced to Cache Media Works.  On this occasion one of their top-rated and most highly successful distributers was referred to Cache Media Works who was told of their fine reputation in the live streaming industry and one for achieving the almost impossible.  That reputation proved itself true on this particular assignment.

During their initial discovery meeting with Juice Plus,  CMW was told that the event was being held at a local Las Vegas Country Club and that they would be provided with at least 5Mbps internet speed which is the bare minimum necessary to stream high definition content.  When the CMW technical team arrived on site the morning of the event they learned from the facility staff that not only could they not provide 5Mbps as promised  but they could not provide any internet service at all.  It goes without saying that the representatives from Juice Plus were beside themselves as they not only promised live streaming of the event to their distributors but they sold tickets to viewers around the world. 

With the clock literally ticking and the start of the event less than an hour away, the CMW team knew that they had to make this work somehow and went to work to find a solution to what appeared to be an insurmountable obstacle.  When it became apparent that finding an internet source, even one nearby at neighboring locations was becoming impossible the CMW team pulled what could only be described as a ‘technical rabbit out of the proverbial hat’ and had the Live Streaming up, running with viewers already signed in by the time the client and the facility manager returned to the event.  Their solution was to use a cell phone to broadcast the content to a CMW server and then out to the internet and on to the viewers.

This unorthodox solution not only worked, but worked flawlessly throughout the entire two day event making the live streaming event a total success.  Knowledge was shared with over 300 event attendees and thousands of global distributors without ever being aware of a problem.  CMW not only changed the minds of those at Juice Plus who swore they would never live stream again, but proved that CMW could not only make it a painless endeavor but a highly profitable one as well.   It should also be noted that Juice Plus was so pleased with their live streaming experience that they turned to CMW several weeks later for the video and production of a live show and product presentation.

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