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las vegas video production, events and live streaming services
How to Hire a Videographer In my 20-plus years of creating video content for corporate America, I’ve learned how to hire a videographer in a way that will give you the quality footage you’re after, but won’t kill your budget. I will outline some key questions and identify the avatars of the most typical videographers out there. “Nothing is more expensive than hiring an amateur.” I believe there are three different types of videographers; here’s how to spot them. #1 The Novice This is the new person who just bought a camera and a little bit of equipment. This person has a burning desire to be the best videographer and practice their craft, but doesn’t have the knowledge or the skills. He or she would be new to the business and may not have a show reel or other work they can show you. Although some of these people are
live streaming
After 10 years of providing live streaming services for live events, we have three myths we really need to debunk. Myth #1: If I offer live streaming of my event, no one will come to the live event. Fact: This couldn’t be further from the truth. The thing is, if you announce a live stream option at the correct time, very few if any people will change their mind about attending live at the event. We’ve seen this time and time again. When is a good time to offer the live stream option? We’ve found that making the offer 30 days before the live event offers enough time to promote it, and by this time, it’s also relativity certain that everyone who was thinking about coming to the live event has already made their decision. Myth #2: The revenue from live stream ticket sales is not worth the effort. Fact:
las vegas video production, events and live streaming services
Last night I was watching a televised event that was revealing the new name and logo for the first Las Vegas professional sports team ever. This event was highly anticipated by the residents of Las Vegas; we were all anxious to see what the new NHL hockey team’s name would be, and what the logo would look like. As the owner of the team took the stage and started his presentation, I made some critical observations of the stage design and all of the production elements. I thought the stage design, lighting, video, and audio were all well done. I also knew there would be some special effects and fanfare to accompany this presentation. As the presentation started, everything was going well—until the owner called for a three-minute video to play that would explain how and why they chose the name of the team. Well, the video did not play
Closed Captioning CC gets the views When I thought about writing this blog, I started to wonder if it was true: can you get more views when you add closed captioning to your video? Not only did I find it to be true, but I found many other things that astonished me. There are over 8 billion video views on Facebook DAILY. 90 percent of all videos viewed on Facebook are not clicked on or listened to. 75 percent of Facebook views are done from a mobile device. Video has a 135 percent better organic reach than image posts. The average video completion rate is only 10 percent. 41 percent of all Facebook videos are incomprehensible without closed captioning. The battle for the eyeballs in the social media space is very complex, and anything you can do to give yourself a competitive edge is worth doing. I’ve recently written about
Why You Should Use Square Video It’s no secret that the social media world has become a very crowded space. I’ve been in the video world for over 20 years, and have seen more than a few formats take center stage. With everyone swarming into the video space, we are seeing many new trends in the social media world and video marketing.I believe it’s time to embrace the square video format, and use it to your advantage. I truly never thought I would speak those words. In my world, the wide screen aspect ratio has been a blessing over the old school square TVs we used to create content for. But social media has thrown all video marketers and content developers into a tailspin over what size and shape videos should be. It’s interesting to see that within a few page scrolls through Facebook, you’ll find a bunch of formats:
  Video Marketing & Black Bars Our studio has used black bars on our videos for many years now. We did it for several reasons. First, we were trying to give a cinematic look and feel to our video productions. And second, it gave us some freedom and choices when it came to composing our shots in post production. As storytellers, this attribute was a differentiator and gave us a unique look in our space. The image below shows you what black bars are — the black space above and below the video.     In today’s age of video production, and in this social media world, we have to look at all possibilities for getting our message to our audience. This battle for eyeballs has brought us to look at the black bars for delivering content. We have seen this video marketing trend develop this year, and we use
Win the Battle of the Eyeballs You are receiving this message because we have either met and exchanged cards or you may have contacted me or we have done business together. The battle for audience eyeballs on social media is becoming an all-out war. The best way to stay out in front? Video with animated typography. It’s trending in a big way. Just take a look at your social media feed and judge for yourself. It’s one of the best trends we saw in 2016, and we believe this is a trend that will continue strongly into 2017. What is animated typography? Take a look at this video link and look for the text that’s in motion over the top of the video: http://bit.ly/2c2v8Lf   After we started adding animated typography to our customers’ videos late last year, we noticed right away that views increased compared to the same videos without
Cayla Craft For those that have been following our blog you know that our job allows us to meet a lot of interesting people in a lot of exciting locations. One of our recent assignments took us to Bakersfield, California to meet with a very enterprising young couple who were interested in having a new lifestyle video shot. Cayla and Chase Craft are independent distributers for Isagenix International, a very popular and successful marketing company for dietary supplements and personal care products. They explained that they needed to replace their current marketing video with one that more precisely reflects their personality, authenticity and success story. Apparently the production company that produced their initial video failed in all respects and left them very disappointing and dissatisfied. We planned to shoot the video footage we would need in two locations and all in one day so as to inconvenience the Crafts as
Moapa Who doesn’t like hot dogs, beer, fireworks and great music on the 4th of July? We certainly do and that’s why when the call came in from the Moapa Band of Paiutes last week asking us to video their July 4th weekend celebration concert, we just jumped at the opportunity. Located on the Moapa Tribal Reservation at the entrance to the Valley of Fire just north of Las Vegas, the two day event was planned around big name entertainment and a non-stop firework display. When my crew and I arrived on the morning of July 3rd we found a huge stage built on the desert floor, situated on a round grassy common area surrounded by vendors of every kind. Although it was hours before the first band took the stage, the smell of hot dogs on the grill was already wafting around the area which meant they had my
Streaming One of the prime examples of Cache Media Works ability to adapt, improvise and overcome challenges and obstacles for their clients is a recent Live Streaming assignment for Juice Plus, a highly successful and well known company with an impressive reputation in their industry.  http://www.juiceplus.com Juice Plus had attempted Live Streaming at a number of their events several times over the years and each time they were unsuccessful in meeting the obligations of their viewers.  They were determined never to try it again.  That is until they were introduced to Cache Media Works.  On this occasion one of their top-rated and most highly successful distributers was referred to Cache Media Works who was told of their fine reputation in the live streaming industry and one for achieving the almost impossible.  That reputation proved itself true on this particular assignment. During their initial discovery meeting with Juice Plus,  CMW was
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