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18 Jun 2016


Producing a marketable video outdoors and on location is always a daunting and challenging task for any production company.   Shooting one in a short time frame at multiple locations throughout a large demographic area such as the State of California is what usually separates the men form the boys.

In early 2015 Cache Media Works was approached by the global marketing giant Isagenix International (http://www.isagenix.com  )to produce a new sales and lifestyle video for several of their key California distributers.  Isagenix was familiar with CMW’s cinematic style from a previous project and they knew that CMW would effectively reach their target audience of 18 to 35 year olds on this new project with the desired marketable effect.

CMW quickly developed a price estimate, which was almost instantly approved and then went about compiling a travel matrix along with the specialized cameras and equipment to meet the demands of this project.  One those demands were the development and use of specialized aerial video platforms and camera stabilization systems specially designed by CMW technicians. 

The first stop of the two and half week road trip took the CMW team to Bakersfield California where they met the first of several distributors that were to be included in the video.  Within minutes of the door being answered the photographers were shooting B-Reel footage while Joe Kenemore, the director on this project, went about interviewing the client.  Of particular interest was the lack of scripts and pre-staging of the video and photography scenes.  Joe explained that his unique cinematic style in regards to videos of this nature is to expose the person on camera as a live and very authentic person, something a script or repeated directing and coaching wouldn’t reveal.   This results in a very real and passionate interview.

Throughout the next week, Isagenix executives from the various distributing regions would be present at the shoots to ensure that CMW was capturing the information and story they wanted to tell in this video.  By the end of the first week on the road the word was out that CMW had become so intimately familiar with both the company and the brand message that the Isagenix people were nowhere to be found.  That’s confidence.

The last location on their tour was in San Francisco and here it was decided that they would take advantage of the many beautiful parks in the bay area and shoot the last segment outdoors.  It was on this shoot that the CMW team realized that they have mastered every video and location element except one, and that being the local seagull and crow population who was determined to make their entry into the film industry.  After some convincing shooing and a left over bag of French fries from lunch the CMW team got their shots, completed their shoot and packed for a well deserved trip home.

18 Jun 2016


There can be few things more dauntuing and complex than planning, organizing and executing a major live event for thousands of people, unless of course you are tasked to do with only a 60 day notice.  That calls for experience and professional expertise and the confidence in a company that would eliminate any margin of error.  That’s when Cache Media Works was called.

Home Business Labs, a global home business marketing and management firm wanted to host their first sales and networking event and called CMW to see if they could help.  The only caveat was that they had nothing, other than a date range in which to base their event on.  CMW immediately went to work to find a city and a resort that could accommodate the Home Business Lab event and using personal contacts secured the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas within the date range provided.  It was here that Home Business Lab expanded on their original concept and included a request for a corporate video to promote the event, a full event documentary of the event and live streaming for those that could not make it to the event.

Within days Cache Media Works flew their film crew to the Home Business Lab corporate headquarters in Florida and successfully filmed members of their executive staff along with B-Reel footage to be used in the promo video.  Before the film crew even boarded the plane for the return trip back to Las Vegas, CMW’s film editors were at work turning the raw footage into a first-rate marketable promo video.  While at the same time the CMW Production staff went to work to tie up every detail, large and small, necessary to make an event of this scope and size successful.

In less than five weeks from accepting the job, Cache Media Works had secured a resort, arranged air travel and rooms for their guests, secured signage, food & beverage providers, floral & decor, security, and even hair & make-up artists.  On the facilities side they made arrangements for events electrical needs, internet requirements, stage crew and audio-visual needs.  From a novice’s point of view, one would look at this list and think an event of this scope and complexity in the limited time allowed would be an impossibility.  And, you would be right.  But not for a production company with the skills and experience that the professionals at CMW possesses.

In the end Home Business Lab’s first sales and networking event was a complete success and went off without a hitch.  The result was a fully satisfied client whose expectations were only exceeded by their full scope of their request.  They were so satisfied they contacted CMW and offered to do a testimonial video and admitted that they couldn’t praise and recommend CMW any higher.

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